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My Review on the film "Marshall" (2017)

Going back through my mental rolodex once again, I wanted to share my thoughts on a good film by the name of "Marshall"directed by Reginald Hudlin. I know it's another one that's a few weeks old but I am just catching up in my new movie blog here.

I'll start off by saying that the great Thurgood Marshall's life experience is simply to vast to cram into 120 minutes so this film simply focuses on one of his many cases.

I want you guys to keep a close eye on the career of Mr. Chadwick Boseman. This young man has been a few places and has many more miles to go. He is racking up a nice resume of playing real life legends. He's already done Jackie Robinson in the film "42", James Brown in "Get on Up" and now Thurgood Marshall in "Marshall". You know what the cool thing about it is...? he's a really good actor!

In the film "Marshall" we meet a 33 year old Thurgood in 1941. Here he is fighting a career defining case during a time where racial inequality was rampant and the use of justice was constantly in question by the black community. Marshall is attempting to defend a man who is being accused of rape. During this time in his career Marshall fights on behalf of the NAACP to make sure that people of color get a fair trial focusing on the principle of "Innocent until proven guilty". The law does not allow him to practice in the town where the crime occurred so he must get an attorney that can practice here and represent his client in a fair and unbiased way.

In comes the reluctant Sam Friedman played by Josh Gad. Sam and his brother risk it all to assist Marshall with this case and it works out quite well in their favor. The highs and lows of the relationship between Sam and Thurgood come across the screen quite nicely with seamless interactions during a dark racial climate.

The strength of this film falls on the shoulders of Boseman's performance as Marshall. He exercises his acting skills in this performance with careful dignity and respect. The strength and brilliance of Thurgood Marshall, the man, came across well here.

This is a film about an icon on the path to greatness. I believe Reginald Hudlin, though an odd choice for director since he's focused mostly on TV programming, has done a great job paying homage to a great civil rights leader and visionary.

Please check it out, AV3 approved!

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