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My Review on the Netflix film "Mudbound" (2017)

The Netflix original film "Mudbound" starring Mary J. Blige, Rob Morgan and Jason Mitchell is a gripping tale of two men dealing with life after war. This is yet another tale of the human condition as it relates to war, racism and sexism in America.

"Mudbound" takes us into the lives of the Jackson and McAllan families in rural Mississippi. The families share a plantation where the Jacksons rent from the McAllans. Each family has a man in serving in World War II. When the men, played well by Jason Mitchell and Garrett Hedlund, return home, the ugliness of this era's social climate flexes it's muscle.

Director and Writer Dee Rees, also known for Bessie (2015) and Pariah (2011), does well directing the cast here. She takes us back to a brutal time and highlights several of the harsh realities that many faced during World War II in the south.

Much of the film's strength lies in its beautiful cinematography and directing. The cast does a great job under Rees' guidance. The themes focused on are self- realization, ones own worth and the strength of family amidst dark times. We can all take something from this film regarding digging deeper into our souls to find a better you as with Hedlund's character; or over coming the fear that ones pre-existing condition may foster to better protect ones own family like we see with Morgan's character.

"Mudbound" does suffer from some lack of character development earlier on in the film. We can, however, forgive this because Rees' gives us resolution in each character's strength and/or weakness by the 3rd act.

All in all I can recommend you add this to your Netflix list and watch it on a cold, rainy Saturday afternoon. You may not smile much during this 2 hour and 14 minute run but, you will definitely be able to appreciate the effort put into this project from the cast and its talented director.

AV3 out...

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