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My Review on Netflix Roxanne Roxanne (2018)

"Roxanne Roxanne" (2018) is the story of Lolita Shanté Gooden born in the Queensbridge Projects of Queens, New York City on November 9, 1969. The film starts off giving us a glimpse of her home and school life in the preteen years then moving through her teens and ending in her early twenties. Times were tough in the Queensbridge projects and Lolita had to help her mom make a way. She had a hustler's spirit, finding different ways to make cash in the neighborhood. At 13 years of age she begins to flex her battle rap skills and finds out how lucrative it is; by 14 years of age, Roxanne Shante' is born.

Roxanne Shante' is a battle MC, getting ready for lyrical wars

She goes from the streets to selling out tours

She learned how to bust a rhyme and figured out how to slay

For her mom and sisters, she had to make a way

Actress Chante' Adams plays Roxanne Shante'

She captured her with excellence, showing life day-to-day

Chante' the actress could rap and act perfectly

Showing how the real Shante's life, wasn't that easy

Chante' Adams, "Roxanne Roxanne" (2018)

Director Michael Larnell takes us on a journey through Roxanne's way of getting over

During these times Hip-Hop was a lyrical newspaper for the streets until one could get that Range Rover

moms wasn't having it, her initial opposition was strong

The performance was stellar, Roxanne's mom was Played by actress Nia Long

Nia nailed the Performance, of playing damaged goods

But the film goes on to show us, that's not all of the trappings of the hood

Roxanne was a soldier, of the battle rap game

Where the streets would decide who was real and who was lame

Success came fast and hard, attracting the attention of many men

And this is where the tests of her journey truly begins

Roxanne Roxanne, wanted to be her own boss

But then she was confronted, by a character named Cross

Cross was a character, played by the actor Mahershala Ali

Cross showed us how ugly the streets could be

Roxanne gave up her freedom, to Cross who's a beast

Roxanne's success was destroyed, going from least

A child is born, battle rap career subsides

And the Battle of life, becomes her new ride

I wanted more from the story, maybe more of her battles in hip-hop

but the industry itself was in the backdrop

This movie is about Lolita, who tried to aspire

She jumped out of the skillet and into the fire

Take a look at this film and witness her plight

She is among hip-hop legends like, Queen Latifah and MC Lyte...

AV3 Mic drop...

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