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My Review on "Triple Frontier" 2019 starring Oscar Isaac and Ben Affleck

Santiago 'Pope' Garcia (Oscar Isaac) wants to get the band back together for one last heist in South America. He goes back home to round up four of his most trusted special operative soldiers: Tom 'Redfly' Davis (Ben Affleck), William 'Ironhead' Miller (Charlie Hunnam), Francisco 'Catfish' Morales (Pedro Pascal) and Ben Miller (Garrett Hedlund). They head out to take action on this very intense Action/drama.

Triple Frontier is a well-executed heist adventure full of action and drama. I really enjoyed the performances by Isaac, Affleck and Hedlund. Adria Arjona as Yovanna also does a great job as Santiago's informant operating only under that promise that her brother will be saved after all of this is over. Everyone else sort of falls into the background as supporting cast. The story mainly takes place in a multi-border zone in South America. The plan is simple... get in, take out the mark (Reynaldo Gallegos), get the money bags and get out; only this time, instead of performing reconnaissance for God and Country, this one is for them!

Oscar Isaac and Ben Affleck, "Triple Frontier" (2019)

I will say that you are going to get only so much out of your typical heist film. "Triple Frontier" (2019) stands out for the following 3 reasons:

1. The cinematography is truly breathtaking. Shot on location in the gigantic landscapes of Colombia, much time was spent on scenes that compliment the absolute beauty of this state. Beautiful aerial shots and vivid colors of the townhomes that lay across edges of giant hills are just truly amazing.

2. The acting was really good. All of these guys are struggling with things in their personal lives. This comes across very well on screen and you feel their struggle. We are given some intentional insight on what really happens to veterans after the country they gave their lives to, seemingly kicks them to the curb. Some may call this insight, "Political Propaganda"...I see it as telling a level of truth for many.

3. Oscar Isaac can do no wrong. I have become an admirer of the work of Mr. Isaac. First off, the guy can play anybody...I mean anybody. He just has the "everyman" thing going for himself and it works. Check him out in some of my personal favorites, "Ex Machina" (2014) and "A Most Violent Year" (2014).

So if you're looking for a "Netflix and Chill" moment, here's your chance! A great, tense thriller with tight direction, masterful Cinematography and good performances.

"Triple Frontier" (2019) was just released on Netflix march 14, 2019. Check it out!

AV3 Out...

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