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Video/Film Projects

4 August 2019

Generation-X-Cellent: Peer-to-Peer

Meet-up Event was a success! Many local businesses came out to share innovative ideas on how they plan on giving back to their communities.

5 March 2020

The Joy Christian Academy Preschool was founded by my cousin, Ms. Maria Romain and her colleague Ms. Erica Holloman. This is the promotional piece for it.

24 June 2017

Tammy + Richard had an epic ceremony to seal the deal on their love for one another. 

Their reception was one for the history books!!!

4 August 2021

Gran Dior Unisex Cologne, promo video. This is a fragrance created by Anthony Samuel. This was the promo video for it.

19 October 2018

On this day, Ms Lauren Lee became Mrs. Lauren Webster. She was a magnificent bride!

19 August 2020

"Hear My Cries: The Movie" (2020). This was a stage play written and directed by Anthony Samuel and Rayesha S. Tenn. It was turned into a film to accommodate its audience during the pandemic. Shot and edited by AV3 Media Works.

1 January 2021

Mr and Mrs. Marc Motley tie the knot. What a great day it was!

20 September 2018

"Street Numbers and Street Sweepers" (2018)

A series written a directed by Ms. Anetria Cole.

9 October 2018

"A Special Place" (2018)

Music Video.

Song Written and performed by Ethan J. Merriweather

9 May 2016

"The Watch" was one of the first small projects I did as a legit videographer / small filmmaker. My buddy Lecharles gave me a hand with his acting skills.

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