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My Review on the Netflix series Seven Seconds (2018) starring Regina King, Clare-Hope Ashitey and Ru

"Seven Seconds" (2018) is an  insightful and poignant study on moral ethics, a desensitized society and the faults of human error. Creator Veena Sud provides great detail in this dramatic series!

Much of what we see here is how a single tragedy can polarize different cultural groups based on preexisting conditions beyond either party's control.

This is the story about an off duty, by the book, rookie cop who mistakenly hits a 15 year old young man with his vehicle resulting in his demise. The cop is immediately frazzled and burdened with guilt. Unfortunately his co-workers have a different plan on how they would like to handle the incident for PR purposes. The rookie cop played by Beau Knapp is a very truthful portrayal of a man struggling with what he has done.

The strength and beauty of this series is in its honest character portrayal of what pain and confusion does to a person's soul. Regina King shines here as she plays the the slain teen's mother. Russell Hornsby and Zachary Momoh play the father and uncle as they also maneuver through their grief.

Clare-hope Ashitey rounds out this Powerhouse cast as the conflicted and often troubled counselor trying to solve this odd case of corruption. The nuanced and slow burning reveal of her troubles is most captivating

Clare-Hope Ashitey, Russell Hornsby and Regina King "Seven Seconds" (2018).

"Seven Seconds" (2018) brings true light to what so many families deal with on a day-to-day basis with regards to tragedy and loss. Please examine this series with a close eye as it disects human nature under a microscope.

AV3 Out...

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